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Rusko - Songs

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The takeover for English dubstep producer Rusko (aka Christopher Mercer) has only just begun! His 2010 debut, O.M.G!, replete with his signature bone-rattling bass and anthemic melodies, was a critical and commercial hit that cemented him as one of the most exciting artists on the modern dance music scene.

His peers have championed him and Diplo, Santigold and Switch have featured his tracks in DJ sets and mixes. His own productions and remixes include The Prodigy and Basement Jaxx and his live shows have been drawing rapturous crowds across the globe.

His new album and second overall, Songs, finds the dauntless artist at his absolute best with a set of tracks that will dominate festivals and dance-floors for the foreseeable future and beyond!

1.  Intro - Year 3000 Style
2.  Somebody To Love
3.  Pressure
4.  Skanker
5.  Love No More
6.  Opium
7.  Dirty Sexy
8.  Be Free
9.  Thunder
10. Roll Da Beats (Old School Edition)
11. Mek More Green
12. Asda Car Park
13. Whistle Crew
14. M357